Wilder Wales

NEW Compact Edition!

Wilder Wales

From the awe-inspiring, rock-strewn uplands of Snowdonia to the rugged beauty of the Pembrokeshire islands, Wales is blessed with more than its fair share of natural wonders. In Wilder Wales, author Julian Rollins and award-winning photographer Drew Buckley explore the very best of those landscapes, visiting a dozen of the nation’s key wildlife locations month by calendar month.

Packed with useful information about where, when and how to see the Welsh countryside, Wilder Wales encounters both the familiar (puffins, dolphins, grey seals) and the dramatic (the black grouse’s ‘dance-off’ at dawn) in a compelling almanac of nature photography. Explore it, and discover Wales at its spectacular and engaging best. With foreword by Chris Packham.

This new compact edition makes Wilder Wales an affordable, portable and practical guide to Wales at its engaging and spectacular best.

“A super calendar catalogue of the best places to visit, teasing us with a lovely portfolio of photographs but essentially equipping us with the practical information to make those visits a well organised reality.”
Chris Packham

FORMAT - Hardback
ISBN - 9781912213665
SIZE - 150 x 150 mm
PAGES - 194


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