Headed down to Stack Rocks in Pembrokeshire yesterday to see how the large colony of Guillemots on Elegug (Guillemeot in Welsh) Stacks were getting on – there were plenty of fluffy chicks precariously wandering around the site. Also gave me a good opportunity to see how the Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens would fair with the 2x Extender.

You can see the Guillemot colony on top of the stacks in the centre of the frame

Some images:

The Redeemer – Guillemot Uria Aalge

Densely populated – Guillemot – Uria Aalge

Love the fact they’ll all looking at the incoming Guillemot – Uria Aalge

King of the castle – Guillemot – Uria Aalge

Coped quite well with the extender, had to stop down a bit for sharpness but not a bad effort for resulting 600mm (960mm with 7D)

Then we headed back via Freshwater West and spotted a few Buzzards circling – think they must be Juveniles as quite pale?

Buzzard – Buteo buteo

later that date I headed out to the same coast for some night shots – great place the south coast of Pembrokeshire for lack of light pollution – these are just a few test shots as I have some different shoots planned soon along with some startrails

Milky Way, Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

Self Portrait , Milky Way, Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

Milky Way, Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

More shots soon

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