Headed over to the fantastic island of Skomer for another of my photographic workshops today.  The sea crossing was quite choppy and we had a lot of cloud cover which in turn helped give some really nice un-contrasty scenes for a change. Anyone who is aware of Skomer Island, it’s famous for its colony of Puffins among many other things. I never tire of photographing these little guys, they cheer you up just looking at them! Every pose they make oozes character which makes them a joy to photograph. Especially this time of year as they’re bringing back beaks full of sand eels to feed the chicks.



Puffin Preening


Puffin Beak




Puffin Wings Stretched


Puffin Sand Eels


Puffin Sand Eels II


Puffin Fully Loaded


Puffin Landing with fish


Puffin Flypast


Puffin Flypast II

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