Envisaged this scene in my mind for a few months now, have just been waiting for the right time and weather conditions to carry it out – even then the incoming mist scuppered my full attempt at this shot ending it prematurely only after 45 minutes! (wanted to do three hours). Thought all was lost as couldn’t carry on due to condensation problems, but all was not lost thankfully!

Final shot consists of 88 x 30 second (exposure time) images stacked to create the trails then a separate image shot with different settings for the Burial Chamber itself has been composited in to make the foreground. Lighting consisted of a quick flash with the torch but mostly Mr.Moon did the rest.

Carreg Samson Startrails

Carreg Samson Startrails

Quite happy with the outcome considering and there will be more images from this project of various other megalithic structures around the county given the Star Trails treatment over the coming months!

Photo on this page taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II & 17-40mm f/4L

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